Track Internet Browsing History

Track Internet Browsing History

Most of the time, kids what content on the internet which they are not supposed to watch. They watch all the indecent stuff. It is difficult to monitor their activities because they keep all the history secret.

But there is another way by which you can easily keep an eye on the kids. You can use a spy app and check their browsing history. By using the web history option, you can check what they are doing on the internet.

Track Browsing History

Track Browsing History
Track Browsing History

It is a very important feature in controlling kids. As we know, the internet is not a safe place for kids. They can easily get addicted to all the nude content on the internet.

As a parent, you need to watch over them. CellSpy will help you just do that. You can use the browsing history option to check all the websites they visit from their phone. You can check it remotely without getting detected.


  • Websites: You can check the names of all the websites your kid’s visit from their phone browser. You can check the time as well.
  • Apps: You will be able to check the name of the apps they use or download from the website on their phone.
  • URL: Along with the name of the website, you can check the web address as well. You can visit the site and check what it is about.
  • Block: You can use the remote control option to block certain sites on the phone.
  • Date & Time: You will get all the details about the site and browsing history with date and time.


How to Track Browsing History?

How to Track Browsing History
How to Track Browsing History

It is very easy to track browsing history. You just have to install CellSpy app to use this feature. Once the installation is completed, you can use the web history option to check the entire browsing history.

Step 1: Download and Install (Android)

You have to download the app from the website. First, visit the official website at cellspy.org. Then find the download link and download the app on the phone. Open the download folder to find the file. Open the file and tap on install to complete the installation process. Give necessary permissions required to run the app.

Step 2: Log in

After the setup, you can use your own device and start spying on the phone. Go to the website and click on the login option at cellspy.org/cp/. Then enter your details and login.

Step 3: Browsing History

The last step is to go to the panel, after that select the browsing history option to track the history.


This is how you can easily track browsing history on a phone by using the CellSpy app.