Free GPS Tracker

Free GPS Tracker

Free GPS Tracker: Track A Phone Location

Phone location tracking is the latest trend. There are many gadgets you can use to track location. Most people use a tracking device and hide it to track location.

But the best way to track someone’s location is by tracking their phone. Because smartphones are already equipped with a GPS, you just have to use a tracking app to track a cell phone.

Tracking a cellphone is very important. It can be used to solve various kidnapping cases.

People track a cell phone for multiple purposes. Some do it for safety while others do it for spying.

To spy on a cell phone, you need to use a cell phone spying app such as CellSpy App. There are many different types of location tracking apps available online.

Today, we will show you how to track a cell phone location by using a free GPS tracker.

Track A Phone Location
Track A Phone Location

What is a free GPS tracker?

It is a location tracking app that helps you to track any smartphone location. You can track live as well as past locations with it.

To use a free GPS tracker, you have to use a free spying app. This feature will be available for free with the app.

It works in a secret mode. Once you install this app inside a phone, it will be hidden. It will not be visible in the background.

You can use it to track location secretly. Be careful while choosing a free location tracking app. Many free apps are fake.

Avoid free apps and only use a genuine location tracking app. Here we will show you some advantages of a free GPS tracking app.

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Advantages of free GPS tracker

Here is a list of the advantages of using a free GPS tracker to track cell phone location.

  • Free: You can track location for free with the help of a free location tracker. You don’t have to buy the app or any other subscription plan.
  • Live Location: You will be able to track the live location. As the location will change, it will change on your map as well. You can see what the present location of a cell phone is.
  • Past Location: Apart from living location, you can also track all the past location of the phone. The app tracks the phone location every 15 minutes. All the data is recorded.
  • Secret Tracking: You can use this app to track the location secretly. You don’t have to worry about getting caught. This app works secretly while tracking.
  • Location Details: You will get all the location details like longitude, latitude, location address, nearby location with date and time. You will know the phone location at the correct time.
  • Google Maps: The location details will be available on Google Maps. You can use the map to track the location. You can use all the other features of Google Maps as well.
  • Find Lost Phone: This app can be used to track the location of a lost phone. If the phone is lost or stolen, you can use a GPS tracker to find the lost phone.
  • Track Kidnapper: It is also instrumental in kidnapping cases. If the person is kidnapped, you can use it to track the location of their phone and get them to safety.

Steps to Track Phone Location

Steps to Track Phone Location
Steps to Track Phone Location

Now, we will show you how to track the location. We will teach you how to use a free GPS tracker. You have to follow all the steps. There are different steps for different phone types. We will show you how to use this app to track android phone and iPhone.

Steps for Android

These steps are only for those who want to track an Android phone. Here you have to follow the complete process.


You have to download the tracking app on an android phone. To do this, you have to go to the website and use the link at https://cellspy.org/install-free-cell-phone-spy-app/.


After the file gets downloaded, you have to install it manually. Open the file and tap on install to complete the installation process.

Sign up

Now, you have to open the app and sign up for free. Create your account to access the app. Don’t forget to hide the app.


Now you can log in to your account from the website.

GPS Tracker

Select the GPS Tracker option from your account and start tracking the location of the phone.

Steps for iPhone

These steps are only for those who want to track an iPhone. Here you have to follow a more natural way.

Sign up

Here, you have to sign up first. Do it from the website only.


Now, you have to use the panel option and enter the iPhone’s iTunes details.


Now, login to your account using the website.

GSP Tracker

Choose GPS tracker from the option to track location.


This is how you can use a free GPS tracker to track cell phone locations.