Instagram Spy

Instagram Spy

Instagram is a very popular social media among teenagers and others. People compete with each other to gain more followers on Instagram. Because of this, kids are getting crazy over Instagram.

They keep their account privacy public so that everyone can view their photos and follow them. They accept anybody’s following request to increase the number of followers.

These things are not at all safe for teenagers. There are many strangers and bullies on Instagram. These toxic people love to bully others and harass them.

It can have a negative impact on a teenager’s mind. Most teens go through a difficult phase due to social media. There have been many cases of suicide due to social media bullying.

Then there are the blackmailers who trap young kids. They portray as young kids and trap them in their evil plan. They demand nude photos and money from kids.

Suppose you want to keep your kids safe from all these things you must spy on their Instagram. You cannot touch their phone, but you can use Instagram Spy to get all the information from their Instagram secretly.

About Instagram Spy

About Instagram Spy
About Instagram Spy

Instagram Spy is a spying feature of Cell Spy which helps you to spy on Instagram for free. You must install the Cell Spy app to use this feature for free. Moreover, you will get all the exclusive information from Instagram by using Instagram Spy.

You can use this feature to get all the details from your kid’s Instagram. This way, you will be able to monitor them secretly. You can check what type of photos they upload on Instagram. Who all they follow. You can check their followers as well.

Employers can also use an Instagram spy to control their employees. They can monitor their productivity and stop them from slacking at work.


You can do multiple things by using the Instagram spy feature.

  • Check Posts: You can check all the Instagram posts by using these features. You can open each post, check the comments as well as likes.
  • Check Messages: You can use this feature to read all the private messages. You can check the type of message and read it.
  • Check Followers: You can view all the follower’s list and the following list. You can check the profiles of the people your kids are following and who follow them.
  • Check Stories: This feature helps you to check all the stories on Instagram. You can view all the stories. You can check the date and time of each activity.


How to Use Instagram Spy?

How to Use Instagram Spy
How to Use Instagram Spy

You can use Instagram Spy for spying on Instagram activities. To use Instagram Spy, you must install Cell Spy first. By installing the app, you will be able to spy on Instagram for free.

Step 1: Setup Android

This step is for android spying. You need the person’s phone for setup. After you have it with you, open it. You must enable sources and move to the site. Use the download link for downloading the app. After you download it, it is simple to install it on the phone. After installation, sign in utilizing your registration credentials. In the end, you need to sneak the application and remove the browsing history from the phone.


Step 2: Log in

You must log in to use the app. The link is given in on the website at cellspy.org/cp/.

Step 3: Instagram Spy

You need to use the Instagram Spy option from the dashboard to use this feature. Now, you can easily spy on Instagram activities.

Why Use Instagram Spy?

This feature helps you to spy on Instagram secretly. You can use this feature for many reasons.

  • Parental Control: This feature helps you to spy on your kid’s Instagram activities. It helps you to monitor them and control them.
  • Employee Monitoring: You can likewise use this feature to keep the employees in check. Young employees waste their time on Instagram rather than working. This feature will help you to check their productivity.
  • Protection: This feature helps you to protect your children and loved ones from the online dangers of Instagram. You can check their activity to know if they are in any danger. You can protect them from all the cyber-crimes.


This is how you can use Instagram Spy for spying on your kids and employees. You can use this feature for a free using the Cell Spy app.