10+ Mobile Spy Free Features

10+ Mobile Spy Free Features

Spying apps for mobile phones include various features. Some apps have limited features, while others offer an array of features to you. People mostly check the features of the app before they use it.

Some functions are essential. They are available with almost every spy app, but some features are exclusive. The spying apps with exclusive features are mostly paid and expensive.

But if you want to use these apps for essential spying, you can use any ordinary spying app. You can even use a free spying app to get these features for free.

If you want to know more about the free spying features, we can help you. Here we will show you 10+ free spying features of CellSpy – Free Spy App you can use to spy on any mobile phone.

Free Mobile Spying Apps and Their Features

Free Mobile Spying Apps and Their Features
Free Mobile Spying Apps and Their Features

A spying app is used to spy on mobile phones. As we know, there are multiple functions of a mobile phone. Because of this, there are multiple features available in a spying app. To track each function of the phone, there are specific features.

Some features help you to track the calling function of a mobile phone. Other feature helps you to track the messaging function of the smartphone.

Like this, there are features to track almost everything. But with free spying apps, the features become limited. If you are lucky, you will find an ideal spying app that includes multiple spying features.

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10+ Free Spying Features

Here are the 10+ features which you can use for free in a spying app. You can use one or more than one feature at once.

Free GPS Tracker

This is one of the best features of a spying app. With this feature, you can track the cell phone location. With this feature’s help, you will be able to track the present or live location of the phone. You can view the location on Google Maps along with the proper address. It will include latitude, longitude, and date and time stamps. You will also be able to view all the previous location of the phone. The app tracks the location of the phone every 15 minutes and sends the information to your account. You can also share this location with others.

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Free SMS Spy

With this feature, you can read all the text messages. All the messages will be copied from the phone and uploaded on your account. You can check every detail about text messages. However, you can check the type of the message, i.e., received, sent, draft. You can open the full body of the message to read it. Moreover, you will also be able to check the media attachment with text messages. Once the message reaches you, it will remain there forever. Even if the person deletes the message, you will still have it. Each message will be shown with proper date and time so that you can track it.

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Free Spy Call

By using this feature, you can check the call logs. The call logs details on the phone will be made available to you. You can check the type of calls. All the incoming and outgoing call information will be given to you. You can even check the missed calls list. Other information like the duration of the call, contact details, and date and time will also be shown to you. You can use this feature to see which contact number calls the most on the phone.

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Free Call Recorder

You can have complete control over the calling function of the phone. Apart from checking the call logs, you can use the call recorded to record the call. With this call recorder, all the calls will be recorded. You can listen to the live recording as well as the previous recording. Moreover, you can hear the entire phone conversation. You can even save these recordings for future use.

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Free WhatsApp Spy

It is one of the best features; with this feature, you will have total control over the phone’s WhatsApp. You can use this feature to get all the details about WhatsApp activities. However, you will be able to read all the WhatsApp chats. You can check the type of the message and read personal and group chats. Moreover, you can check the media as well. If any images, photos, videos, or audios are shared on WhatsApp, you will be able to view it. You can check the voice and video calls logs as well by using this feature.

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Social Media Spy

With social media spy features, you can track all the social media apps on the phone. The most common types of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can be tracked. You can track each platform individually. However, you will get all the details like type of message, media, date, and time. You can open each message and read it. Moreover, you can even check the media with the message. This way, you can track all the social media chats for free. There are different functions available, like Facebook Spy, Instagram Spy, and Snapchat Spy. You can choose the option you want to use.

Free KeyLogger

With the help of a Keylogger feature, you can record keystrokes made on the phone. It will record all the keystrokes made. You can use this feature to track the social media password. It can also be used to track the phone password and card password. Most people use it to get the social media password and hack it directly.

Browsing History

This feature helps you to track all the browsing history on the phone. You can check which sites are used on the phone and how much time is spent on each site. You can keep track of the apps as well.

Ambient Recording

This feature helps you to switch on the microphone and record surrounding sounds. You can listen to these recordings using a VLC player.

Remote Control

It helps you to control the phone remotely. You can take screenshots or block certain apps and number in the phone by using this feature.


With this feature, you can receive alerts on your phone. You will get alerts if specific keywords are used in messages or if a location is crossed.


These are the 10+ free mobile spying features you can use. You need to use a spying app to get all these features for free.