Read Contact History

Read Contact History

Many times kids talk to strangers on their phones. They share contact details with various people on social media to make friends. However, they forget how dangerous it can be.

Parents have to worry about their kids because of this issue. 3 out of 10 kids easily share their contact details with strangers. It is quite alarming for parents.

But now, parents don’t have to worry anymore. A spy app helps you to keep a close watch on the kids. If you want to know whether they are talking to nay strangers, you can check this phone book. There is a phone book feature in a spy app that helps you to read contact history.

Read Contact History

Read Contact History
Read Contact History

It is a very underrated spying feature. Most people avoid this feature, but it can be quite resourceful. In order to use this feature, you need to install the Cell Spy app on the phone.

This feature helps you to check all the details in the contact book. It is the place where all the contacts are stored. You can use this feature to know which all contacts are saved on the phone.



  • Names: You can check the names of all the people in the contact book.
  • Number: You will be able to check the number of all the people in the contact book.
  • Photo: Along with the name, you can check the contact picture as well.
  • Email: You can check the email id of the contacts as well.
  • Date & Time: You will get all the details about the contacts with date and time.

How to Read Contact History?

How to Read Contact History
How to Read Contact History

It is very easy to read contact history. You just have to install the Cell Spy app to use this feature. Once the installation is completed, you can use the contact book feature to read all the contact’s history.

  • Step 1: Download and Install (Android)

You have to download the app from the website. First, visit the official website. Then find the download link and download the app on the phone. Open the download folder to find the file. Open the file and tap on install to complete the installation process. Give necessary permissions required to run the app.


  • Step 2: Log in

After the setup, you can use your own device and start spying on the phone. Go to the website and click on the login option at cellspy.org/cp/. Then enter your details and login.

  • Step 3: Contact History

The last step is to go to the panel; after that, select the Contact History option to track the contacts.


This is how you can easily read contact history in a phone by using the Cell Spy app.