How to Hack A Cell Phone

How to Hack A Cell Phone

In this technological era, you will find multiple ways to track a phone. Following a phone, which was once a big deal, has become a very common activity. There are numerous technological apps available online, which you can use to hack a phone. Most of the internet apps are illegal, as there is a strict policy governing phone hacking activities. As we all know, hacking is a severe cyber-crime.

Efficient Ways for Hacking a Cell Phone

Privacy is a very important thing that we all cherish. And to invade someone’s privacy is not only a serious offence but unethical. So you have to think twice before you decide to hack a phone. You have to do it ethically without violating any moral guidelines. Here, we will show you how to hack a phone without breaking any rules.

Efficient Ways for Hacking a Cell Phone
Efficient Ways for Hacking a Cell Phone

What do you mean by Hacking a Phone?

Hacking means accessing a phone without the owner’s permission. Hacking is done to get information from the phone, which can be useful. Some professional hackers can easily hack any device without needing any tools. Moreover, they have extensive hacking, coding, and programming language. But we are not talking about professional hacking here. Nowadays, cell phones can be hacked by anyone by using a hacking app. There are phone spying apps that are readily available online. Anybody can use these apps and become a phone hacker.

What are the types of hacking?

There are two types of hacking a phone. One is done with bad intentions. It is illegal and unethical. However, it is called illegal hacking. Most of the online crimes are done with the help of illegal hacking.

The other type of hacking is legal or ethical hacking. This type of hacking is done with good intentions. It is more like a preventive measure. For this type of hacking, legitimate hacking apps are used. Most of the reputed spying apps are legal. All you need to do is follow the terms of use. You have to abide by the rules. An example of ethical hacking is when a parent uses a spying app to hack their child’s phone. It falls into the category of legal hacking. The age of the child should be less than 18 years.

What are Hacking/Spying Apps?

These are mobile apps that help users to hack a phone or spy on it. If you search for spying apps online, you will find many results. But you have to choose a spying app carefully. Many apps given on the site are illegal and fake. Using these apps can land you in trouble. Genuine apps can be easily identified through their website. You can check the license and privacy policy for additional measures. To hack a phone, you need to install it inside the said device. Once you install it, you can access all the information from your account. These apps work in invisible mode. It cannot be detected easily, which helps you to keep your activity a secret.

What are the characteristics of a spying app?

Here are some of the characteristics of a spying app.

  • Multiple Spying Options: With a spying app such as Cell Spy App, you can take advantage of numerous spying options. You can spy on different activities of a phone.
  • Compatibility: Most of the spying apps are compatible with all the latest smartphones. You can easily hack an android as well as the iPhone.
  • User-friendly: Spying apps are very easy to use. As these apps are available for the general public, anybody with little app knowledge can use it.
  • Easy Installation: The installation process is quite easy. You have to follow few simple steps to install the app.
  • Affordable: These apps are accessible. They don’t charge much for a month. You can even use the free trial option.
  • Live Support: Most of the spying apps provide live support and technical assistance if there are any problems.
  • Demo: Users who don’t know how to use the spying app can use the demo option given on the website. It shows the demo version of the app.
  • Hidden: Spying apps works in hidden mode. It can be secretly used with ease.
  • Legal: Most of the reputed spying apps are legal. You can use it without worrying about any legal consequences.
  • Reviews: You can check the customer reviews about the app on the website.

What are the Spying Features of a Spying App?

Here is a list of all the spying features you can use with the help of a spying app.

  • Calls: With the help of the call feature, you can track all the calling activities. You can use the call log function to check the call logs. You can also use the recording option to listen to call recordings.
  • Contacts: You can access the contact book on the phone. You can get all the details about the contacts saved on the phone. Details like name, number, and the photos are visible.
  • Messages: You can access all the text messages. You can get other information like the type of message and media attached.
  • Locations: The location option helps you to track the phone location. You can follow live locations and get information about past locations. All the details are displayed on the map.
  • Browser History: You can check the phone browser history. It is very useful for parents.
  • Photos: You can check all the pictures captured and downloaded on the phone.
  • Videos: You will also be able to view all the videos and play them online.
  • Social Apps: You can monitor different types of social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. After 30 minutes, the activities will be updated.
  • Keylogger: With the help of a keylogger option, you can record keystrokes. All the keystrokes made on the phone will be recorded for you. You can track passwords as well.
  • Messenger Apps: You can track different messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Some apps also provide Telegram hacking.

How to Hack a Phone with the help of a spying app

How to Hack a Phone with the help of a spying app
How to Hack a Phone with the help of a spying app

Here, we will show you how to use a spying app to hack a phone. The steps are different for iPhone hacking and Android hacking. If you want to hack an iPhone, then follow the steps given for the iPhone. For android hacking, you have to follow the steps given for hacking an android phone. Here are the steps.

Steps for Hacking an iPhone

Steps for Hacking an iPhone
Steps for Hacking an iPhone

Follow these steps.

  • Registration of Account

This first step for hacking an iPhone is account registration. It simply means to create an account. This process is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for the account. To do this, open the website on the browser. Then go to register option and use it. Enter your email id. Enter all the other details and create the account. If it is a paid app, you need to make the payment after choosing the plan. If it is a free app, skip this step.

  • Enter iTunes Details

In this step, you have to use the cloud panel option. To use this option, first, you have to create a backup. Beware! This method of hacking will only work if you know the iTunes details. If you don’t know it, you have to follow the manual installation process. Go to the panel and enter the iTunes details. Wait for configuration and syncing.

  • Hack

Now, the phone is hacked. You just need to login to your account and use all the hacking options. You can use different types of hacking options from the panel.

Steps for Hacking an Android Phone

Steps for Hacking an Android Phone
Steps for Hacking an Android Phone

Follow these steps if you want to hack an android phone. Here you have to follow the manual method of installation.

  • Download & Install

The first step here is to download and install the app. To do it, you have to get the phone ready. First, you need to go to settings and allow sources. Then disable the play protect option. After that, turn off notifications. Now, go to the website cellspy.org. Find the download link and click on it. The app will start downloading. Now, open the app. Use the install button to install the app on the phone.

Download Android Hacking App

  • Registration of Account

Now, you need to follow the registration procedure. You don’t have to go to the website again. Instead, you have to open the app. The choose the register option given in the app. Now, you have to add your details. First, add the email id. Then add all the other information. Read the terms and conditions and click on continue. Your account will be created. Now hide the app. After that, delete the history.

  • Hack

The phone is ready for hacking. Use your own device to get the hacking details. Moreover, go to the website and log in. Enter your information to login. Once you open the account, you can use different options to hack the phone. There are multiple options on the panel.


This is how you can easily hack a phone by using a spying app. Make sure you choose a reputed and legal spying app.

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