Free iPhone Spy

Free iPhone Spy

The number of iPhone users is increasing day by day. Most of the teenagers and adults use the iPhone as a status symbol. So if you want to spy on a person who uses an iPhone, you need to know how to do it. The spying procedure for iPhone is different from other phones. It is a high-security phone which makes spying difficult. But you can use a free iPhone spy app to do it. Yes, there are select spying apps for iPhone.

You can use it to track everything that is going on in the phone. You can also use apps for free. If you want to know more about iPhone spy apps, follow our guide. Here, we will show you how to spy secretly on iPhone.

What is Free iPhone Spy?

What is Free iPhone Spy
What is Free iPhone Spy

Free iPhone spy helps you to spy for free and secretly. You have to choose the best iPhone spy app, which doesn’t need to be purchased. Once you have the app, you can spy on any iPhone. The spying process is different for the iPhone. You don’t have to follow the same procedure as android. If your child or husband is using an iPhone, you can use this app to spy on them for free.

Characteristics of Free iPhone Spy

Here are some attributes of free iPhone spy:

  • iPhone: You can use the iPhone spy to track only devices working on iOS. You can spy on iPhone and iPad for free with this app.
  • Secret App: It is an app that helps to spy secretly. This app is not visible to anyone. You will not even find it on the phone because it is secret and invisible.
  • Free: You can use this app for free. You don’t have to purchase this app or spend any money to use it. All the features of the app will be available for free.
  • Easy to use: This app is user-friendly. You can use it without any instructions. It is effortless to use. It works like a standard app from the App Store.
  • No Installation: There is no installation needed for the iPhone. This is the most significant advantage of the iPhone spy. No need to touch the phone for installation.
  • Support: If you have any problem while using the app, you can contact the support center. You can call them, email them, or use the chat function available on the website.
  • Accurate: This app provides accurate, spying data. You will find all the right information directly from the phone. The data is the same as it is on the phone.
  • Multiple Options: A spying app includes many features and functions, typically. You can use these features and services to spy on people. There are many functions available like,

Steps to Spy on iPhone Without Knowing

Steps to Spy on iPhone Without Knowing
Steps to Spy on iPhone Without Knowing

Here, we will show you the spying procedure. You can follow these steps to use the app for spying such as Cell Spy – Free Phone Spy. This procedure needs an active internet connection and phone details. You should also know the official website of the app because you have to use it.

Registration of Account

The first step is registration. Registration is essential. If you don’t do it, spying won’t work. To register, you have to use the website. Open the site and find the register option. When you click on this option, you will be taken to another page. Here, you need to add your information. It is like a simple registration process. After you register, your account will be created. You have to use this account to spy. Unlike android spy, you have to follow this step first. You can use your laptop or phone to register your account.

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Entering iTunes details

This step is different from all other actions. In the iPhone, there is no installation or download needed. You don’t need a phone to install the app. Instead, it can be done using account details.

You need to know the user’s iCloud details. If you know it, you can sync the iPhone Spy app with the account. As all the phone details are synced with iTunes, you will get all the information from the phone.

So first, you have to use the cloud panel option. You also have to create a backup of data. After that, just enter the iTunes details. This is enough to spy. Wait for configuration and syncing. After it is done, you can spy.


This is the last step. To spy on the iPhone, you have to use your account. Open your account on your laptop or phone. It can be done from the website. Use the login option. Enter your information and login. You will get all the information about the iPhone on your account.

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