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Most of the people in the world use an android phone. It is one of the most used and fastest-selling phones. Out of every five people, 3 uses a phone which works on the android system. All these reasons have led to the development of android spying apps. These apps are specially developed for an android smartphone.

How to Spy on Android Without Knowing

How to Spy on Android Without Knowing
How to Spy on Android Without Knowing

So if you want to spy on somebody who is using an android phone, you can easily do it by using MobileTracking: Free Android Spy. Spying has become very common these days. Almost 65% of phones are prone to hacking and intrusion.

Although we are taught from early childhood that spying is terrible, it is our only option sometimes. If you want to learn about android spying, follow our guide. Here, we are going to show you how to spy on android secretly.

What is a Free Android Spy?

What is a Free Android Spy
What is a Free Android Spy

The only solution to spy secretly on android is by using an android spying app. There are many apps available online. You can search online for android spying apps and choose the one that seems perfect to you. Android spying apps are only compatible with android phone. You cannot use it to spy on any other phone. If you want to use a free app, you can search for a free android spy. It will help you in spying for free.

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Characteristics of Free Android Spy

Here are some attributes of free android spy:

  • Android Phone: With an android spying app, you can spy only on android devices. You can use it to monitor android phone and tablet.
  • Secret App: It is a secret app which helps to spy secretly. This app is not visible on the phone, which allows you to spy secretly.
  • Free: You can use this app for free. You don’t have to purchase this app or spend any money to use it. All the features of the app will be available for free.
  • User-friendly: This app is user-friendly. You can use it without any instructions. It is effortless to use. It works like a standard android app from Play Store.
  • Installation: You can easily install this app on the phone. It would be best if you had a phone to install this app. The procedure is effortless. You can do the installation in a few minutes.
  • Support: If you have any problem while using the app, you can contact the support centre. You can call them, email them or use the chat function available on the website.
  • Robust: It is a compelling app. Just because it is free, doesn’t mean it is faulty. You can use the spying features to get all the personal details. This app works accurately to derive information.
  • Multiple Function: A spying app includes typically many features and functions. You can use these features and services to spy on people. There are many functions available like,

Free Android Spying Procedure

Free Android Spying Procedure
Free Android Spying Procedure

Here, we will show you the spying procedure. You can follow these steps to use the app for spying. This procedure needs an active internet connection and an android phone. You should also know the official website of the app.

  • Download and Installing

To use the app, the first step is always downloading and installing. You need to use the phone and download the android spy app inside it.

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You cannot download it if the sources don’t allow it. So go to sources and allow the downloading. After you do it, open the browser and go to the website. You will find the free download option. You can tap on this option to download the app on the phone. If the internet connection is fast, it will be quickly downloaded.

After the file is downloaded on the phone, it needs to be installed. The installation is manual, so you have to do it yourself. Please open the file and follow the instructions to fix it. Give the necessary permissions and wait for installation.

  • Registration of Account

Registration is essential. If you don’t do it, spying won’t work. To register, you have to open the app on the phone. Open the installed app and use the register option. When you click on this option, you will be taken to another page. Here, you need to add your information. It is like a simple registration process. After you register, your account will be created. You have to use this account to spy.

  • Monitoring

This is the last step. To spy on the android phone, you have to use your account. Open your account in your laptop or phone. It can be done from the website. Use the login option. Enter your information and login. Now, you can monitor everything from your account.

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