How to Track My Boyfriend's Phone without Him Knowing

How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone without Him Knowing

If you think that your boyfriend is lying to you and cheating on you, you need to find out the truth. Most girlfriends normally draw the conclusion that the boyfriend is cheating on them.

However, there can be other possibilities. Before drawing any conclusion, you need to know the truth. If you ask him, there are chances that you will spoil the relationship. The best option is to check his phone. You can use this phone to find out the truth.

But you need to do it in a discreet way. You can use a spy app to spy on his phone. This is the best course of action. This way you will be able to discreetly know what’s wrong with him. You can track his phone, and he will not know about it.

Tracking Phone

Tracking Phone
Tracking Phone

If you want to track a phone, you need to use a phone tracking app. There are many different types of phone tracking apps in the market. You need to choose the app as per his phone type. By using a tracking app, you will get all the information from his phone. You can check his messages. Moreover, you can check his call records. You can even track his location. Apart from basic features, you will get several other advanced track features. You can use all these features to spy on him.

Importance of Tracking on Your Boyfriend

  • Catch his Lies: By tracking his phone, you will be able to catch all his lies and find the truth.
  • Check Calls: You can check all his call records from the phone. You will get complete calling details.
  • Track Location: You can also use a spy app to track his location. This way, you will know which places he visits.
  • Check Messages: You will be able to check all his messages. You can read complete messages with date and time.

How to Track His Phone

The best way to track his phone is by using a spy app. There are many different types of spy app in the market. You can use these two spy apps to track his phone.

Free Phone Spy

Free Phone Spy
Free Phone Spy

Free Phone Spy (https://freephonespy.com) is a very popular tracking app. Many people rely on this tracking app to track their boyfriend’s phone. Its best thing is that it supports remote installation. So you can track his phone remotely. It also supports android tracking. Apart from that, it is genuine and reliable. You can use various tracking features of this app to track his phone.

To spy on android, you have to install it first. The first thing to do is to get his phone secretly. After that, you have to open a browser and download the app on his phone. Then, you have to install the app. Then you have to register to use the app. Only after registration you can log in and use it. To use the app on the iPhone, you have to start with registration. After that, you have to set up the app on his phone. For that purpose, you need his cloud details. After the setup is done, you can log in and use the app for tracking.


You can use the app to track his calls, message, and track his location. You can use other features of the app as well. This app is very discreet and easy to use. Your boyfriend will never come to know about it.



Another tracking app you can use to spy on your boyfriend’s phone is Free Mobile Spy. It is a very popular spy app. Many girls use it to catch their cheating boyfriend. It is an amazing tracking app that is discreet. He will never know about your tracking activities.

You can use this app on android and iPhone. For using this app on android, you have to install it. You also need to do the registration. For the iPhone, you just have to use his cloud details. Once it is done, you can log in and start tracking.


You can use many features of this app. It helps you to track calls, messages, and social media. Moreover, it also helps you to track the location of his phone. It is the perfect app to find out the truth. He will not know about the tracking. This app is very secretive.


This is how you can track your boyfriend’s phone using these methods. You can use any of the spy apps to do it. Make sure the app is discreet.

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