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How to Remove Mobile Spy Software

For those that suspect or know for certain that someone has installed a mobile spy application on your device, this guide will let you know how to remove it. Depending on the type of operating system that your smartphone runs, there are a few ways delete these apps.

Make a backup of your data

One of the quickest and most efficient ways of removing a phone tracker is with a factory reset. But, before you do so, you need to do a backup. Once you go through a reset, it will wipe all your data and software. That’s why you should make a backup of your music, photos, contacts, etc.

Remove the mobile spy app with a factory reset

The approach that gives you the best chances for success is a factory reset of your telephone. Even if there is no proof that someone is monitoring your phone, this can put your mind at ease.

phone factory reset

A reset is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows devices. Each has a slightly different way of doing this, but none take more than a few steps. Nonetheless, if you aren’t sure you can pull it off; you can always take it to a repair shop or your supplier. After a total reset, there should be no trace of phone spying apps left.

 Removing spy applications with OS updates

An option that’s less extreme than a factory reset, you can update or re-install your device’s OS. This approach doesn’t delete your apps or private data; it just removes smartphone applications for spying.

This method is effective because software for spying is specific to a given device’s OS. If you change the operating system, the spy apps will no longer work. This isn’t the best option but is easier than a complete reset. You should be aware that an OS update will remove an iPhone’s Jailbreak or Rooting on an Android device. For a phone spying application to work on iPhones, the device needs to have Jailbreak. After an update, the Jailbreak gets removed and so does any spying software.

 Removing spy software manually

To manually remove a phone spy tracker, it takes more time and knowledge. You can clear your smartphone by deleting the application files from your phone. The trouble with this approach is that most of these applications disguise themselves. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you might end up deleting critical files and messing up your device.

Protect your device from spying

Once you finally get rid of the mobile spy software from your device, you need to protect it. Unfortunately, some people don’t even use the basic options for securing their phones. Most apps for spying can be installed in a minute or two with access to your telephone, so consider these tips:

  • Use a password lock
  • This feature comes with all phones. Come up with a good password and don’t share it.
  • Use a password application

A step further is to use dedicated security software. There are lots of free and paid applications out there with extra protection features.

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