PhoneSheriff Review – The Best Solution for Worried Parents

We all know that the internet can be a hostile and dangerous place. Curiosity can lead the young minds to explore content not fit for their age. Now here is a great app to do so with confidence. For parents who want to limit their children to inappropriate exposure and track their device use.

We tested PhoneSheriff child monitoring software so here is what you need to know based on our time with the service. This app and service give parents security and comfort all the while keeping both children and the devices they use safe and secure and protected from harmful content.

First of all who is this service for? Its primary target group are parents concerned with the safety and protection of their children by means of monitoring their smartphones and tablets. The app runs in the background of all supported devices – Android, IOS and Blackberry – and offers various modes of protection without user interaction.

Functions and Features

We have to point out that this app is meant to be visible on devices it’s installed on so the kids will know that they are being monitored while using their phones or tablets. App tracking and logging activity are incredibly detailed so the parents will have total peace of mind. Everything the user does on the device is sorted in categories and the amount of detail for each activity is impressive, to say the least.

Best of all beside viewing logs on devices they can be emailed for remote viewing. PhoneSheriff app offers detailed insight of call logs, text messages, browsing history, GPS tracking, device usage monitoring and blocking of inappropriate content. It can also be used to remotely disable the device in case of theft or unauthorised tampering.

PhoneSheriffIt is important to point out that this app is always visible as long as it is running on the target device. This may put off customers who want to monitor in secret and we will repeat that PhoneSheriff is meant to be used for monitoring activity of children by their parents.

The psychology of the monitoring process is very important since the child will know that is being watched and thus conform with wishes the parents. Most of all the security benefits of this app and tracking functionality are what will give parents a peace of mind most of all. Those who seek for a stealth monitoring app will have to look elsewhere for that kind of functionality. Learn of its full capability as we go into detail of how this watchdog app works.


Call Management

The app allowed us detailed insight for all calls we received during our testing period by providing time stamps for all incoming and outgoing calls, exact call duration and caller ids. We should point out that call recording feature is absent from the app.


Calendar and contacts

Calendar entries with detailed info for meetings, plans and reminders were readily available for remote viewing and access. Contact list details are exactly the same as on the monitored devices. App also logged and notified us when monitored device added new contacts.


Text message monitoring

We were able to see entire text (SMS and MMS) messaging history in detail on all devices we installed the app. All texts were available for reading as well as info regarding sending or receiving end along with detailed time stamps and sender information.


Email traffic logging

All the info about email traffic on target device was as detailed as with the text messages. Along time stamps and dates, we were able to see the full email conversation history and contact information along with domains from where the emails were sent.


GPS location tracking

Another important feature for a parent wanting to know the movement and location of their children. The app shows not only current position of the device and its user but also route history and location identification with maps. There is a nifty option to make limits for movement (Geo-Fencing feature) where a parent can set the boundaries for children for additional peace of mind. If the device goes outside of set space notifications are sent to immediately warn the parents.


Tracking internet usage

During our testing of internet usage logging, we found out that using filtering of content PhoneSheriff app did not manage to left out all inappropriate material we were accessing. Filtering was working partially and could be circumvented easily. On the positive note, logging was detailed and showed browsing habits and history and detailed time stamps. Website blocking was effective most of the time in preventing access to inappropriate content. We were surprised to find logs of Wireless access points the monitored device connected to and detailed info about connection types.


Viewing Instant Messages

This feature allows the monitoring of internet based messaging systems. We successfully monitored WhatsApp and Snapchat messages. We should point out that our Android devices were rooted in order for this feature to work.


Panic mode

By issuing the simple command from the monitored device a series of notifications is immediately sent to warn of harm or danger to the user.


Profanity alerts

This feature worked as advertised and informed the remote viewing device of all profane content whether it being received or sent. It worked as advertised on all devices we tested.


Device usage information

It is possible to see information of the duration of monitored user’s activity and usage habits.


Monitoring pictures and videos

We had unrestricted access to information and media content on monitored devices. Detailed logs were available for every time pictures were taken. Viewing of photo and video gallery was available too with detailed info about when they were taken. Same goes for viewing videos and all the detailed info regarding each individual file.


Instant alerting and notifying

For all notifications, we configured we were receiving them as SMS texts and emails so that we were sure what the children were doing when left alone. This feature worked flawlessly and gave us total peace of mind.


Remote Control

With this feature, it is possible to completely erase all of monitored device’s data in case of phone loss or theft. Besides erasing an option to lock devices to prevent unauthorised access is present too.


Installed applications control

Ability to monitor, restrict installation and prevent running of undesired apps on monitored devices. Quite handy when you do not want to expose children to violent games and inappropriate apps.


Restrictions on device usage

This feature enables locking of the monitored device during the predefined time of the day and can also restrict calling, browsing and even limit messaging on monitored devices. This can be handy for parents who want to limit too much use of children’s devices.


Backup and restore

Easily backup all monitored device information for safe keeping in case of loss, theft or damage. There is an option to restore factory setting of the device from the control panel.

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PhoneSheriff Features at a Glance


There are a few different options for people that want to use this software on smartphones:
•    Call logs
•    Calendar and contacts information
•    SMS logs
•    Instant message logs
•    Media gallery access and logging
•    GPS tracking and Geofencing
•    Website filtering and blocking
•    Installed applications control
•    Monitored device usage logs
•    Restriction of device usage
•    Panic mode
•    Remote control for locking and wiping
•    Multiple device management
•    Backup and restore functionality

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PhoneSheriff Requirements

•    Android OS running smartphones and tablets running version 4.0+
•    All iOS devices, iPad and iPod touch running iOS version up to 9.1.X
•    Blackberry devices

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Refund Policy and Customer Support

We recommend using demo function on PhoneSheriff website before opting to buy the yearlong service. The demo offers functionality for new customers to experience the interface and learn how app and service operate. Be warned that there can be some issues on unsupported operating system versions and non-rooted and non-jailbroken devices. We have to admit that only the most advanced users do this and thus the app will be limited in function on stock devices.

parental-control-phonesheriffCustomer support is not that quick at responding to user queries and questions so we point that out as a negative. Also, there are a lot of unhappy customers who could not get their refunds back so make sure before buying that you read terms and conditions on PhoneSheriff website, in detail, before making a purchase. There is an extensive list of conditions for app usage and refunds so make sure to read them.Most of the complaint about unsatisfied customers comes from not understanding the limitations of this software.

Overall we can recommend PhoneSheriff as a great monitoring app with loads of useful features that will benefit its users with added security and comfort of use.

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Overall we were very satisfied with the function PhoneSheriff app and service provided us with. We can safely recommend it to parents who want to keep their children and their smart devices protected at all times. The protection level is more than adequate and is sure to keep its users protected from all sorts of inappropriate or harmful content during device usage. The amount of detail that is logged and available is impressive and truly market leading.

As an added benefit, there is an anti-theft protection so along the panic button it gives a peace of mind for worried parents. We did not notice any stability issue during review usage although there was an occasional slowdown but that can be attributed to devices we ran the app on. We hope that the customer support will improve with time since as it is we could state that in its current status it is inadequate given the asking price for this feature packed monitoring suite.

8.5 Total Score

Ease of Use
  • Full detailed monitoring suite
  • Remote control functions
  • Can work on all Android, iOS, Blackberry devices
  • Easy use and installation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Limited functionality on non-jailbroken and non-rooted devices
  • App can sometimes lag and be slow to open and respond
  • Slow response from customer service
  • Issues with refunds due to complicated terms of use
  • Monitored users know they are monitored
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