Difference Between Free and Premium Spy Apps

There was a lot of debate about spy apps lately. Specifically about the difference between free spy apps and premium ones. If you’re among those that aren’t completely sure which one is better, or which one provides better features, it’s time to indulge your curiosity. There are a couple of features that separate a premium software from a free one.

With spy apps, these features and the difference between them can create confusion among users and make it unclear which service is better. But have no fear, we’ll discuss everything regarding both versions of spy app, including their features, price, and usability. So what is it that differentiates a free from premium spy app?

Price vs. effectiveness

The most obvious difference between the two versions of this app is the fact that you’ll spend money on one and get the other completely free. Depending on what you use your spy app, you might find either of them appealing. If you’re using a spy app for personal reasons (spying on your ex, monitoring your teen’s activity, etc.), you should choose the free version.

If you’re having trouble finding the best one, this article should provide all the necessary information to help you choose. There are several factors that will determine which free spy app is best for you. Software version, compatibility as well as your operating system dictate which app will perform with the best efficiency on your device. However, if you’re in need of a spy app for business reasons, you should definitely pick the paid version.


At first, you will think that the amount of money you’ll invest in this app exceeds the results that you’ll be getting from it. But rest assured, when you see how effective it is, you’ll change your opinion. There are several features that a premium spy app provides.

You’ll need full access to these features if you want to successfully spy on your competition, monitor the effectiveness of your employees or collect data essential to your project’s success. So regarding price VS effectiveness, you’ll have nothing to fear about investing in a premium spy app because the amount money that you’ll save or earn by using it basically justifies the investment.

Availability and affordability

Another thing that separates free spy app from a premium one is affordability. Major companies and enterprises won’t bother to think about the expense of paying for a premium version as long as it brings results. The only thing that they care about is data. This implies that regular users that require spy app for personal reasons won’t be able to afford or rather justify the price.

In other words companies, brands and businesses are using premium spy apps, while other regular users find free spy apps more appealing. This makes analyzing specific companies easy. If they are using a spy app for business reasons, they are using the premium version, meaning that they have full access to all of its features.

The amount of data

If you compare the amount of data that a premium spy app provides and that of which free spy app gets you, you’re up for an astonishing revelation. It’s obvious that the premium version will provide with more data, bigger charts, and more complex statistics. What it’s clear is how big this difference is.

With free spy app, you’ll be provided with only the basic data on your targeted audience or individual. With premium version of the same app, you’ll get GPS related info, the number of times certain apps have been used and much more. Depending on what you use your spy app for, you can find either version appealing.

Live screen option

With live screen, you’ll be able to see whatever the targeted device has on its display but only if you have the premium version of your spy app. This means that you’ll be able to monitor every single page, app, and action performed by that user. So if you’re in need for some undeniable evidence, the best thing that you can do is monitor activity live, directly transmitted from the device.

There is no miscalculation in numbers or data here; everything will be in plain sight. This is definitely one of the features that justifies the price of a premium spy app. Free spy app won’t allow you to monitor your targeted device’s actions live.

This means that there will be no live feed, therefore, no accurate data. In best case scenario you’ll get a recorded version of a live feed that you’ll be able to access with a free spy app. But this is a feature that not every spy app provides. So if you want to have this type of info on your device, you should choose the right spy app.

Send commands

The most important feature of a premium version is almost full access to commands that the targeted device has. This means that you’ll be able to lock, open messages, or even use certain apps remotely. Imagine the possibilities with this feature on your device.

You’d be able to control the actions of your targeted user’s device almost completely. As long as you use this feature wisely, you won’t get discovered. One of the best ways of sending commands without being busted is by combining it with live screen feature.

This way you’ll be able to find the best opportunity to issue a command without them noticing it. Simply observe the activity of that user and determine what’s the best time of the day to send commands remotely.

With free spy app this features is completely unavailable, or, depending on the version of the app, you’ll have limited access to commands. In most cases, you’ll be able to remotely lock the device whenever you choose, turn on or off the alarm and perform a couple of other commands.