FlexiSpy Review – Best Value for Money or Not?

Are you concerned for your children’s wellbeing? Do you need to a track mobile phone online in case it gets stolen or lost? Or are you a business owner that wants to know whether your employees are working? All this and much more is possible if you consider buying a GPS cell phone tracker. To help you in your decision, we are going to review on of the best options around – FlexiSPY.

What is FlexiSPY and How does it work

FlexiSPY is a complete solution if you need to track everything someone does with a smartphone or tablet. This software offers advanced features and functions that can give you unprecedented access. With this sophisticated tool you can view calls, locations, messages, and collect passwords, but that’s not all. This app hides all its activity and cannot be detected.


FlexiSpy can run on Apple, Android, Symbian, and BlackBerry products. For it to work, you need to install it on a targeted tablet or telephone which takes up to ten minutes. It is the best spy phone tracker regarding compatibility but requires a JailBreak or Root for full functionality. Nonetheless, it is our top rated application among our cell phone spy reviews.


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FlexiSPY Functions and Features


Like other powerful spy gear for phones, FlexiSPY provides its users with many powerful functions. Here is a detailed list of what this application can do:


Call spying

call-spyingRecord and listen to all incoming and outgoing calls in real time, or set FlexiSPY to record calls from specific contacts only. View detailed logs and download them in spreadsheet form. Record or listen to VolP conversations and manage logs. Spy on FaceTime conversations and record phone surroundings.


Message spying

Read SMS and MMS messages with the option to see details such as dates, timestamps, and phone numbers. Send fake SMS messages from target device. Delete SMS texts that contain specified keywords before they’re seen on a target telephone. Read all emails and view details.


Password spying

Get access to passwords for all installed applications and emails, so you can obtain added information without waiting.


GPS spying

Find out at any time the location of a target telephone, view history of its movement, and use Geofencing alerts. Export tracked routes in a KLM file (Google Maps) and sort through data in a navigator widget.


Social media and IM Spying

social-media-spyingSupported platforms: WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Line, Viber, Facebook, iMessage, BBM, BlackBerry PIN, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, Google Hangouts, KIK, Telegram, Tinder, Instagram, QQ, Hike.


Multimedia spying

View all video, audio, photo files located on a targeted device, including voice memos.


Website spying

Track all visited websites with timestamps and dates and view bookmarks.


Application spying

Acquire a list of installed software with details on usage, size, etc. View all address book contacts, notes, and calendar entries.


Remote control

Control spying features, check battery levels and restart devices with SMS messages sent to targets. Deactivate the phone tracker remotely, uninstall it or update software.


Spying alerts

Set alerts based on Caller ID and get notifications when a certain number is dialed or calls the targeted telephone.  Use Geo-fencing location alerts to notify you when a target is leaving a specified area. Specify keywords that will alert you when they are mentioned in messages.


Stealth spying

Hides all traces of jailbreaking and rooting so that it avoids detection. Also offers a choice whether FlexiSPY is accessible from a targeted smartphone or tablet.


Web account dashboard

View and sort all the information gathered in a straightforward and simple way. See new data since the last login, search for information using keywords, and export reports in CSV, PDF, and other formats.

Features can vary depending on rooting and jailbreaking, subscriptions and type of devices FlexiSPY runs on. For an in-depth comparison of what you will get, visit the official website.


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FlexiSPY pricing options

When buying FlexiSPY, there are two main options to choose from which are:


  • A one-month subscription costs $68
  • A three-month subscription costs $99
  • A twelve-month subscription costs $149


  • A three-month subscription costs $199
  • A twelve-month subscription costs $349
  • The worry-free installation service costs $39.99
  • This option includes rooting or jailbreaking and application setup.

The Premium option offers features and functions which are like other cell phone trackers. However, if you choose the Extreme package, you get all the features of a Premium option, but with added features. These features include a password cracker, spoofing tools, the ability to listen and record calls, and control of a device’s camera and microphone.

Both the Premium and Extreme packages aren’t subject to self-renewing subscription charges. This means that you will have to renew your subscription once it expires. If not obvious, it is worth mentioning, that the creators of FlexiSPY offer discounts for longer subscriptions.

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FlexiSPY refund policy and customer support

Unlike some other software developers, the makers of FlexiSPY seem to be quite reasonable when it comes to returns. But, if you have installed, activated and acquired data from this spy mobile app, then the chances of a refund are much lower. In this case, you will need to prove that the product did not work as advertised.

Full refunds are available if:

  • The target device doesn’t meet system requirements
  • You don’t have physical access to the target device
  • You can’t Jailbreak iOS or Root an Android system
  • A certain feature doesn’t fit its description on the official website

The installation service is refundable only if your smartphone cannot be jailbroken or rooted. SMS credits, manual wire transfers, and PayPal payments are not refundable.


The installation service works through a remote connection which raises some security concerns. If you choose this option, you will need to book an appointment. Then a technician will contact you, and you will need to connect the target device to your computer. The rest is up to the technician. We didn’t use the installation service for this mobile spy app review, so we can’t say if it’s good or bad. Other than that, there is a 24/7 customer hotline for support.


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FlexiSPY compatibility and requirements

FlexiSPY comes at a significant price, but it works with almost any mobile device. It can be used as a blackberry phone tracker app, on iPhones and iPads, but also with many Android products and some Symbian telephones.

Android compatibility

  • Supports OS 4.0.4. – 6.0.1
  • Physical access required for installation
  • Rooting opens up more features
  • Call interception doesn’t work with Dual SIM or CDMA networks

iPhone and iPad compatibility

  • Supports everything up to iOS 9.1 (iOS 7 or higher needed for recording features)
  • Physical access required for installation
  • Jailbreak needed for FlexiSPY to work
  • Call interception isn’t available on CDMA networks

Blackberry and Symbian compatibility

  • Supports all BlackBerry telephones running versions 5.0 – 7.1.
  • Supports all Nokia telephones running Symbian Belle and Anna
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FlexiSPY installation and setup


To get FlexiSPY working, you don’t have to be an advanced user. That is unless you need to JailBreak or Root a device in which case there is customer support available.

After you complete your purchase, you should receive a confirmation email. This email contains order information along with a reference number, login link, and a username and password.

To install this mobile phone spy software, you can open the web portal link on the targeted telephone or tablet and start setup. From then on, an installation wizard will guide you through the entire process. To complete setup, you will probably need to restart the device. Not counting the time necessary for a root or jailbreak, installation takes no more than ten minutes and doesn’t leave any tracks.

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If you’ve been racking your brains out wondering how to spy on someones phone without them knowing, then FlexiSPY is a worthwhile option.  The premium package offers more features than you will probably need, and the Extreme a few valuable extras. In other words, basic users might find more value for money in more affordable solutions. For the rest of you that want every tool at your disposal, this application is unbeatable.

FlexiSpy doesn’t only stand out in the number and quality of features, but also with interface design and ease of use. The mobile spy login dashboard is intuitive, even if you’re not technically inclined. It offers reports, alerts, export options, various logs and real time tracking. This is an exceptional and reliable application, a market leader in tracking software.

8.5 Total Score
Very Good

Ease of Use
  • Comes with incredible features, especially the Extreme version
  • You can transfer your license to any device
  • Hides JailBreaks, Roots, and all activity on target phones
  • Longer subscriptions come with significant discounts
  • Supports more devices than other phone trackers
  • Installation requires physical access to a telephone
  • Up to 10 minute setup time plus Root or Jailbreak
  • Among the more expensive solutions
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