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How to Find Hidden Software Used for Cheating

The right to privacy is something everyone appreciates, but sometimes being too secretive can be a cause for concern. Most of us have been in a situation where a significant other is glued to his or her smartphone but when asked about it only comes up with excuses.

With new technology and applications, it is now possible to hide almost everything you do on your smartphone. This can include hiding pictures and galleries, messages, etc. If you suspect that your lover or spouse is cheating, then you might want to check for hidden apps before it’s too late to save the relationship.

Is your partner cheating? 

The number of applications that enable smartphone users to hide their activity is staggering. Many of these apps are free and available for download through the Apple Store or Google Play. Once someone activates stealth features, it can be hard to discover the presence of these apps. If you have concerns about your relationship or a loved one, read on to learn how to detect these stealth applications.


Another thing to be aware of is whether your significant other is behaving strangely. Among worrying signs that he or she is hiding something are:

  • They always delete all their SMS message
  • They always never leave their phone out
  • They get jumpy when they get a call
  • They set their smartphone to silent mode
  • They always keep their phone locked with a password
  • They leave the room to take calls

How to find hidden apps?

Use the device interface and settings

Tap on the icon for settings and go into the section for applications (Android devices). Once there, you will see installed applications as well as hidden software. Check to see if anything looks suspicious.

Using the navigation buttons, bring up the menu view before pressing the task button. There you will have the option to show hidden applications.

Take a look at data blanks or missing data or a spike in usage. Certain apps use networking on smartphones but cover up their tracks. If the phone’s web history is always cleared, this might be cause for suspicion

If the phone in question has been rooted, you can use an app like Titanium Backup to view all installed programs through Settings / Apps / All. Go to Access Settings / General / Restrictions if you’re handling an iPhone and uncheck hidden apps.

Hiding applications on Android devices is done through Application Drawer / Home / Settings / Hide Applications. If you do this in reverse, you can discover hidden apps or files. If you have no luck finding anything with these methods, you might have to install a phone tracker app.

Use a free phone tracker or other apps

There are many file sharing apps that sort files by type for further sharing into videos, pictures, applications, and so on. You can quickly install one of these, and it won’t be suspicious since it’s just a file sharing program. With one such app, you can view all installed applications, even if they are hidden. Free scanning programs can also discover hidden applications in target phones and help remove them.

Be aware that some applications can appear like an audio manager or calculator, but have hidden functions. These features can delete or hide incriminating files with the press of a button or a combination of buttons. Certain features can also be activated by shaking a device, for instance, which not might catch your attention right away.


Once you get a full list of applications, make sure to check suspicious ones. Some of these programs might be in use for hiding calls, messages, GPS or other sensitive data.

If you choose to install a phone tracker, then you will need access to a target device and enough time to cover your tracks. But, once introduced, a cell phone tracker app can give you almost unlimited options. You can monitor various social networks, GPS information, calls, SMS message, emails, and more. You can also have remote control over the entire phone.

This last step might be too much for some people and can have very negative consequences if discovered.  For others, it might be the only option left. It’s down to you to decide what the situation warrants. Make sure you don’t cause unnecessary damage to your relationship and always try to communicate with your partner in a healthy and open way. If nothing else, you now know how to find hidden software for cheating.

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