How Cell Phone Tracking Works? – Infographic

How Cell Phone tracking Works

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There are many things that we take for granted living in the world today. Devices and gadgets that we use on a regular basis work on a principle that we know nothing about. We’ve come to a point where we are relying on technology to communicate. So in order to improve the quality of this transfer of information, aren’t you at least little curious about how phone tracking works? For those of you who are willing to indulge their curiosity here is something about the basic principle of phone tracking and various ways to apply it.

MLAT and the Magic behind Tracking Technology

The principle is fairly simple and considers tracking down and measuring or using multilateration to identify radio signals picked up from nearby cell towers. Those towers are connected to a network that collects and processes this radio information. By measuring the angle and distance between towers as well as length of radio signal it’s possible to triangulate the location of a device that’s sending the radio signal.

GPS Tracking

Everyone knows that the term GPS is somehow connected with location tracking and identifying individual device. But what does GPS stand for? Global Positioning System, or simply GPS, is a way of locating a device anywhere on the planet as long as it has a direct line with one of GPS satellites. So the main difference between this system and the above-mentioned is that it relying on communication with satellites instead of radio towers.

How safe are Tracking Apps?

GPS is the official United States technology for tracking. But if the government can use this system and basically invade privacy, why can’t you? Well you can, and most of spy apps will provide accurate information of the location of the device you’re seeking. So the only thing that remains is to find use for this technology. There are many situations where you can apply phone tracking to get the upper hands

Where to Start?

First step is to download the spy app right? So get the link of your favorite spy app and start the download. Once you got it, you need to install it and follow the instructions on your screen. This will involve enabling app’s access to some of your phone settings. And voila, now you have fully functional tracking app on your phone.

How to Use It?

There are plenty of scenarios where you can use spy app to verify the information that you’ve got. For example you can track your friends phone and find out where they are without them noticing. This way you’ll never be late for an event, and your methods of tracking them will never be revealed. You can also use to improve your relationship and get the accurate location of your partner. Just be sure not to mention that you’re spying on them, it will create trust issues and possibly ruin the relationship.

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