Which is The Best Spy Software for a Windows Phone?

When the need arises to check, or prevent unwanted activity on the phone and gather information from the person using it we turn to application designed for this types of operation. Some of the scenarios of use for the spying apps include surveillance, data gathering, security concerns or possible reduction of exposure to unappropriated content on the mobile devices. These types of applications operate silently without the knowledge of the person on whose device they are installed on. This way the one doing all the monitoring is safe from detection. Given the limited application library for the Microsoft Windows phone operating system – we present you the best spy apps and the functionality they offer for the end user.


Spy Tools

Spy Tools is a great software that enables easy recording and surveillance of all activity in your surroundings. It disguises itself as a lock screen which is identical as the default one. This enables users to seem like performing basic operations on the phone such as typing or texting while in fact the recording of video, pictures or audio is going on in the background without anyone noticing. The app can even mask itself as a clock screen while recording thus not raising any suspicion.

SpyTools app offers limited functionality in its free version and requires users to upgrade to paid status in order to unlock the complete functionality.

SpyTool app features

  • Disguises into a lock screen while enabling you to capture photos, videos and record audio
  • Spy Clock feature – Disguises as a clock screen while enabling you to capture photos, videos and record audio
  • App is easy to setup and use
  • Motion detection and timer
  • Edit Audio and Video effortlessly
  • Burst Mode for capturing pictures

Spy Phone

Spy Phone app offer some neat functionality for monitoring activity on the Windows phone devices. It can record videos covertly even when the phone screen is locked. Photos can be snapped in the same way too. During video recording users, can take photos at the same time. It offers settings and album protection by setting passwords. The app is packed with plenty camouflage capability to conceal user’s activity. Recorded files can be sent to Dropbox and OneDrive effortlessly.

Free version of the SpyPhone app includes:

  • Recording videos in a hidden way
  • Settings and album are password protected
  • Various camouflage methods
  • Allows you to send small files to the OneDrive

Paid features include:

SpyPhone Gold app:

  • Record videos with the locked screen
  • Exporting videos to the media library of the phone
  • The photo mode is released
  • Allows you to take photos while recording videos
  • Allows to upload large files to Dropbox
  • Allows you to send snapshots to your OneDrive while recording videos

Family GPS Tracker

Family GPS Tracker app offers amazing functionality and the best part – it’s completely free to use. This all in one family tracking software offers ease of use and high precision tracking service that will show your children location at any time.

Unlike most of the tracking apps on the market it doesn’t store any sensitive data nor does it keep location history in memory. It guarantees a more comfortable level of privacy by storing all information only on the devices it is being used on.

The location is tracked in real-time and the offers a toggle to allow when the location data is visible and sent to the monitoring party. It also comes with a dedicated KID Mode switch that disables control on the device being tracked and ensures that the location services and settings work without possibility of them getting switched off.


Movement history can be easily read on the map via the included Tracking function of the Family GPS Tracker application. The movement history data that is collected can be stored for whole three years of app use. The app also provides GEO fencing functionality which means parents can set limits and boundaries on a map thus creating an invisible wall and get notified when the kids wander out of the area. It can also notify for when the family members arrive at the preset destination in order to ease their minds. This is an awesome feature for checking times when children need to be home after school or when they are visiting friends. This app frees you from any stress regarding your family members movements anymore.

This feature pack app comes highly recommended as it is free to use and only requires GPS connection and a working data connection in order to send real-time information.


Mobile Tracker +

Mobile Tracker is a great choice for parents who want to track their children for increased security and a peace of mind. It is very easy to use and locates the phone fast and with great accuracy too.

By using GPS system, it sends the data of the target phone location in real time for knowing its location change as soon as possible. Mobile Tracker + app is a great tool for just finding your phone if you forget where you left it or in case of theft. It enables fast recovery by constantly sending its location coordinates.

The app offers monitoring the target smartphone via its website at any time. Simply login and start monitoring in real-time.


We have to point out the ethical side of spying another person and present a disclaimer for such an activity.  It is rarely justified and one can always ask themselves how would they feel with knowing someone has glimpsed into their privacy and violated the trust. In some countries, it is regulated by law and there can be serious consequences including fines and even jail sentences.


These apps can help as they were designed for use on information gathering and safety when you consider parents monitoring and limiting children’s activity in possibly dangerous circumstances. For those looking to monitor their partners there is moral responsibility and end users of these application must have in mind the possible consequences of their use.

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