Best Free Keylogger Apps for Android in 2017

Living in today’s modern society where almost any type of information can be easily accessed allows us to speed up the process of learning. Not only that these online methods expedite our pursuit for knowledge, but they also made us more efficient at it. Unfortunately, there is bad news as well.

This newly founded technology and easy access to information also creates room for online predators and alike to perform their actions. Hiding their true identity and intentions, they can infiltrate social platforms and use this masquerade to conduct unlawful activities.

Naturally, hearing this can cause unrest. Especially if you’re a parent. So how do your protect your child from online predators? Actually, it’s quite easy. All you need to do is install software on their phone. Once you’ve done this, you can effortlessly monitor as well as correct their behavior should it become necessary.


However, if you don’t know where to look, you can download and install a variety of fake apps on your kid’s phone. Not only this but even if you find ones that work, you’ll realize that they cost a small fortune.

And this won’t fix your problems, make your child’s online browsing more secure or make you more comfortable about letting your teen use social networks. Luckily you’re in the right place to find out which keylogger apps are free and compatible with your teen’s Android phone.


This is a neat app that lets you have a decent amount of control over your teen’s activities via phone. It allows you to keep track of keystrokes and a couple of other things as well. Next to monitoring what you kid is texting, posting, or searching online on their Android device, you can also keep track of apps that they’ve downloaded.


And it’s the best way to avoid asking them tough questions regarding their internet use. This will allow every parent to correct their teen’s behavior and protect them without any having to start any awkward conversations. You’ll stay completely anonymous while having full access to your kid’s phone.

The best thing about this app, besides the fact that it’s effective, is that it’s completely free. The installation process is fairly simple, so as long as you know how to follow a simple process, you’ll have no trouble installing it.

Once you install it on an Android device, you can monitor texting, background programs and much more from your desktop, phone or any other device with the same operating system.


Are you questioning your teen’s use of social media? Do you consider that your child is in need of parental control? If so there is a perfect app for you, and it’s completely free. Keep track of their activity on social media and their posted content. There is even an option to locate their phone anytime you want via GPS.

All it takes is that you install the app on their Android device, and you can start monitoring their activity instantly.

The benefits of using Kidlogger are that you can take a screenshot of their display anytime you want, monitor keystrokes, have access to their web history, record voices during calls (only on windows), record incoming and outgoing SMS messages and many other.

It’s pretty simple to use, so anyone with basic computing skills can operate using this program. Once you start using it, you won’t search for other apps as this one provides all that you need to monitor you teen’s activity online.


What is HoverWatch? Only the best app that allows you to have complete control over you teen’s Android phone. You can use it to monitor from your tablet, phone or PC. It goes without saying that it’s completely free, if it weren’t it wouldn’t be on this list.


When it comes to the effectiveness of data collection and benefits of using HoverWatch, you’ll be pleased to know that there is no better app out there. So why is this app so special?

Benefits of HoverWatch

  • Full access to keystrokes, online search results, text message content or any other typed conversation.
  • Recording of audio calls, both incoming and outgoing. It also keeps track of call data, providing with accurate information about duration, time of call and other specifics of that call.
  • You’ll stay completely anonymous and undiscoverable. The user won’t be able to find the app unless they suspect they have it installed and know exactly where to look.
  • Monitor up to 5 devices per account.
  • Camera photos, both front and back. This allows full access to their photographs, and it’s the easiest way to monitor their social network posts.
  • It’s free to download and use it as a parent or employer to monitor your employee’s behavior.

Shadow Kid’s Key Logger

This is yet another completely free keylogger app that you can download online and use without paying a dime for it. It’s great for parental control or monitoring your employees and their phone use during working hours. All you need to do is get their Android phone, head to Shadow Kid’s website, and download the app.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, you’ll need to follow a couple of steps and chance few security settings. Fist activate you shadow app by changing the input method. When you get a message on display suggesting to change your simpleIME input method, tap ‘proceed’ and continue.


In the next screen enable Google voice typing, keystroke logger, and simple IME. The final step to enabling this app’s monitoring services is to open a browser and tap on the search bar.

Choose input method once again, and you’re done configuring your shadow app. From now on, anything that this user types in the search bar, types as a message, or post on social media will be recorded.