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Best Apps to Find Out if Your Partner is Cheating

With today’s smart phones, different social websites, and applications, it easier than ever to cheat. A cheating partner can also cover his or her tracks and leave you clueless. But, while technology has opened up new ways to cheat, it has also provided new ways to catch a cheater. Just deleting sensitive texts, call history or pictures are not enough anymore.

For those of you that suspect your partner might be unfaithful, there is paid and free mobile spy software to confirm or deny your suspicions. Once you install one of these apps on your spouse’s phone, you will have access to a lot of different information



mSpy compatibilitymSpy is a paid surveillance service and application that can give unrivaled access to a mobile device. Once installed, it can provide you with a list of contacts, a complete call history, messages, locations, pictures and videos. Provided are features that monitor Skype calls, browser activity and WhatsApp, as well. With mSpy, there’s also a feature that block access to certain websites. Using the Geo-fencing option, you can mark allowed and restricted areas, but also be notified by alerts if the phone leaves these areas.



flexispy softwareThis cell phone spy app has offers many valuable features for its users. First of all, listening and intercepting calls, and copies of all SMS texts and emails. Moreover, GPS data to lets you track your partner’s location. However, one of the most interesting functions is the alert you get when a sim card gets removed or replaced. Since some cheaters cover their tracks with a second SIM, this options can come in handy. FlexiSPY is also a stealthy applications; it doesn’t appear on a target phone’s screen or menu, but comes at a price.



iKeyMonitor softwareiKeyMonitor is another great piece of cell phone spy software, even if you need to pay for it. You can use it with both IOS and Android devices. In total there are thirty monitoring features available through this app. These include invisible operation, key logging, SMS and call logs, monitoring of voice messages, and automatic screenshots. Also available are GPS tracking, log of contacts added, chat messages logs, and screen time limit.


Highster Mobile

highster mobile appThe Highster Mobile spy app is another excellent option for those of you who don’t mind spending a little bit of cash for valuable features.

This application can let you track activity on a target device in a discrete way. This software works on all Android and iOS mobile devices. Highster Mobile has everything from stealth audio and video recording to GPS tracking and logging. You can even uninstall it remotely without having access to a target device. Finally, you don’t need to JailBreak or Root a device for Highster Mobile to work.



phonesheriff softwarePhoneSherrif is another great option for those that want a cheater phone spy application and have no problem paying for quality. This software can track and restrict activities on mobile devices all in real time. Furthermore, this app is virtually undetectable. For monitoring to work, the target phone needs to have internet access just like with the other programs on our list.

This app can track call logs, pictures, videos, contacts, messages, and texts, visited websites, GPS location, and more.  Included with the PhoneSherrif are alerts for Geo-fencing, restricted actions, and custom keyword notifications. Each activity that gets recorded is quickly uploaded to your account which you can access from any connected device.

Free Spying Apps for iPhone and Android



If you want a good free mobile spy app for iPhone, you should consider the mCouple. This application lets partners track each other’s activity. All you have to do is install the software, register, and get an ID before repeating this on your partner’s device. After that, you’ll both have access to each other’s cell phones. mCouple can also work on a single phone, so that only one person has access, but with consent, of course.


Couple Tracker

For those that need a phone tracker for android devices, there’s the Couple Tracker. Much like the mCouple for Apple devices, this is for both partners. With Couple Tracker, you can check texts, calls, Facebook, and GPS locations. But, GPS is limited to 30-minute intervals and text messages to the first 30 characters.


Before invading your partner’s privacy, we recommend that you try to have an honest conversation. The consequences of getting caught spying can destroy the trust in a relationship. What’s even worse, you might find that there was no cheating taking place to being with.

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