Privacy and security have become the burning topic in the recent years and as information is the ultimate resource it has become clear that specific measures of protection need to be applied for personal privacy and safety in this digital age. On Cellspy we cover topics that provide insight in how data can be remotely collected and also how it can be kept safe from unauthorised access. We cover security topics for modern smart devices. Technology has advanced so much that our personal devices can record and monitor all aspects of our daily lives. Almost any smart device today offers location tracking as a standard feature. We help keep you safe and your privacy your own with our editorials.


We are an online blog that specialises in news and reviewing content for spying software for modern smart devices. We use our expertise and knowledge to bring you latest news in tracking tech for smartphones, tablets and personal computing devices.  Here you can read all the information you need to find the best spy apps for mobiles and also learn how to stay protected from them.

We do in detail reviews of specialised tracking apps for our readers and visitors. This way anyone can be informed before deciding to make a purchase. We have more than 20 years of expertise in mobile spy tech and software so our visitors can rely on our reviews to make the best choice.

Guides that we present are sure to keep our readers safe and prepared in case some tampers with their smart devices and tries to monitor their activity. Here you can read the all the required info from our security specialised editors in ways how to keep your devices safe from unauthorised tracking.

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