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10 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Devices

If you’re in need of a spy mobile app for Android, you’re in the right place. We have decided to take a look at the best free applications around. This top 10 list will show many creative ways to take advantage of someone’s Android device through various apps. This includes everything from tracking location through GPS data to making secret calls.

To be clear, we’re not advising anyone to spy on other people by invading their privacy and to get into trouble. The secret phone tracker apps mentioned in this list can be used for legitimate things and for some fun with friends and family.

For instance, they can improve the chances of locating your stolen device by having a direct link to it through the internet. They can also track employees or keep an eye out on your kids and their location. A free cell phone spy app can have many great functions, but the best ones are always come with a price tag. Purchasing an application means you will have more features, more support and updates in the long run.


Cell Tracker

Is there a person that you need to keep track of? IT can be an employee working deliveries or a sales representative. If they are on a company phone, installing Cell Tracker can log location data every thirty minutes. This app gathers information in an automatic way by way of GPRS and WiFi. To see a list of places visited by the device, tap  “View Now”.


Children Tracker

children-trackerSince most kids nowadays get smartphones at a young age, you can install this Children Tracker app and keep an eye out on them. Installation is simple and after you start this app, there’s an option to lock and hide it.


Ear Spy

ear-spyThis app is as devious as they come. By using Ear Spy, it can appear that you’re listening to music when in fact your microphone is picking up everything around you. Put your earphones on, pull your hoodie up, and pick up conversations. To help you out, this app also has an EQ to fine tune your sound.


Sneaky Cam

sneaky-camIf you’re wondering how to turn a phone into a spy camera, then you might want to try out Sneaky Cam. With this app, it will look like you’re doing something else instead of making photos. You can pick a background that lets you know Sneaky Cam is running and makes everyone else none the wiser. To start snapping pictures, just tap on any part of your screen.


Mobile hidden camera

mobile-hidden-cameraWe couldn’t have a list of spy apps without a hidden camera one. With this application, you can get a quick picture without being notice. There’s also a mode for videos that starts and records until you decide to stop it. This phone camera spy comes with different options, but is small and intuitive to use.


Secret Calls

Use Secret Calls to hide your contacts and call log.  This application hides your phone book icon so no one can check whose number you have. It can also delete call logs automatically so they’re untraceable, even if your phone is someone else’s hands.


Spy Message

Do you need to send a secret message that won’t stay in your contact’s device? With Spy Message you can set a timer so that it deletes your message and you don’t end up leave a suspicious trail behind you.


Spy Video Recorder

spy-video-recorderFor those of you that need a android phone tracker with recording functions, we introduce the Spy Video Recorder. This little program makes a target device appear as if it is turned off. Then it records and gives you quick photos whenever your phone gets moved.


Secret Agent

secret-agent-appIf you’re dead set on being a cell phone spy and want to feel like James Bond, then try out the Secret Agent app. This is a complete package of tools for spies. It has a infrared camera filter, a compass, it can record audio in secret and give you sensor date, among other information.


Secret Agent Fake Call

If you want to set up a fake call that can get you out of a situation, then this is the application you need. Secret Agent Fake Call can make it appear as if you’re receiving a call while playing a recorded conversation. This app is perfect for playing a prank on a friend.

If you however want an app that can do a lot of things at once by having additional features, we recommend that you try premium mobile spy apps.

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